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About Us

From One Mommy to Another

About Us

Hey beautiful!

I’m a mother, just like you – finding creative ways to make it through the day and savor every unforgettable moment.

Whether you have a newborn cradled in your arms or an independent teenager on your mind, you deserve a medal... or at least, a hug and a high five! Our gifts are designed to do just that.

Take a quiet moment to care for yourself with reassurance and empowerment. Every My Mommy Goodness product has an encouraging message or positive affirmation to help you through life’s ups and downs.

Motherhood is hard work (the hardest!) and you deserve to love every second of it.
We’re here for you and we adore you!

Love and goodness,


Parenthood Isn’t Perfect

Our Story

Motherhood is even more special to me because it almost didn’t happen. My husband and I struggled with infertility for years and were told that we could never have children naturally. I was absolutely devastated. Just a few months after our last appointment, everything changed when we found out that we were finally pregnant!

My perfect birth plan (like most things in parenthood) went right out the window. Our healthy, beautiful daughter came into the world after an intense, long labor with frightening complications. Post-partum was especially difficult for me. Like many women, I was weighed down by misplaced guilt and sadness, even though I knew in my heart that it wasn’t my fault.

Two years later, we moved across the world and I became pregnant with our son - another miracle!
But it was challenging to adjust to life in a new country. Loneliness and frustration began to overshadow some of my happiest moments.

We all know that it ‘takes a village’ to raise kids, but what about mothers? I didn’t have a community of friends and mothers to lift me up, so I decided to cheer for myself.

Gratitude and Goodness

A Sticky Way to Get Unstuck

I filled my home with dozens of sticky notes and all the support, self-love, and encouragement that I could muster. These inspiring quotes, messages, and affirmations helped me reconnect with myself. I was able to rediscover my strength and become the kind of mother that I always wanted to be.

    • When I felt disorganized, I grabbed my journal.
    • When I needed a quiet moment, I lit a candle.
    • When I wanted reassurance, I put on something beautiful.
    • When I felt incapable, I told myself that I am powerful.

 Gifts for the Greatest Givers

These products and healing messages have transformed the way that I approach and enjoy motherhood. Every gift is thoughtfully designed and beautifully made with eco-friendly, sustainable materials that care for Mother Earth, too. Take time for yourself and join an uplifting community that shares love without judgment.

My Mommy Goodness helps you recharge, stay present, and embrace positivity. In order to raise loving, kind, and responsible children, we need to raise ourselves up first.